Kirstyn & Isaac – A couple destined for happiness


Kirstyn Brosteau met Isaac Guyette at UW-Whitewater during Spring Splash weekend. Isaac remembers how beautiful Kirstyn looked as she approached him, confidence beaming. Isaac was in town visiting friends, and Kirstyn was attending college and out with friends. She saw him at a house party, walking out the front door, and she couldn’t help but approach him and introduce herself. Isaac knew right away that her personality clicked with his perfectly. It was truly love at first sight for both of them! Kirstyn remembers Isaac in his brown henley from American Eagle with dark jeans and black Nike shoes on. The rest of that day was spent playing yard games and getting to know one another.

“I 100% believe that I could never explain the feeling I got when he stopped me in my tracks.” – Kirstyn

Isaac took Kirstyn on an official first date the following weekend. Kirstyn tried on every outfit in her closet before leaving her parents house. She ended up wishing she dressed warmer! They went fishing on the Wolf River, and being mid-April it was still pretty cold. Kirstyn was so cold that she can’t remember if they even caught any fish! The date went well and ended with dinner and drinks that evening.

As the years went by, Kirstyn found her calling as an accountant and Isaac pursued his career in construction. He works in pouring concrete, framing buildings & working on residential and commercial properties. Kirstyn loves reading and finds time to conquer her goal of reading every book on the “100 books everyone should read in their lifetime” list. A good glass of wine can be found in her hand among the company of friends and family. Together, Kirstyn and Isaac love fishing, hunting, bowling, snuggling up to a good movie, and shopping. They feel that every moment spent together is a moment that grows their relationship to becoming even stronger. Each year they’ve been together they have taken a trip together. They’ve travelled to Disney, the Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains & the Caribbean together. They’re avid Packer fans and enjoy going to games together whenever possible. The holidays always bring about traditions as well, such as pumpkin carving, ice skating & cutting down their own Christmas tree!

“We are very close. I couldn’t be happier coming home everyday after work to spend time with my best friend.” -Isaac

Kirstyn & Isaac made a big decision together on July 22nd, 2017 by bringing home an 8 week old puppy, Duke! Kirstyn always wanted a dog but was never able to own one as a child due to her father’s allergies. Her mother always promised she’d get her a puppy once she graduated and moved out of the house. The time came & Isaac said that if he was going to be training the dog it had to be good at hunting. They were debating between a Lab, Pointer or Hound. Kirstyn saw the floppy ears on Duke and knew he was the pup for them!

On the opening weekend of gun hunting, 2018, Isaac proposed to Kirstyn. They were out in the deer stand anxiously waiting to see anything, but had no luck. They were about to head in for lunch when Kirstyn turned around to find Isaac down on one knee. Kirstyn doesn’t remember any of the words said other than her screaming and saying “YES!” many times! The deer were scared away for the day, but it didn’t matter because the happily engaged couple spent the night celebrating with friends & family at a local bar in town.

Family is extremely important to this couple. Playing cards and spending time outdoors are frequent among the Guyette side. Rummage sale shopping and craft days are also very popular with Ike’s mom, sisters & aunts. They enjoy traveling, boating & trying new restaurants with the Brosteau family. Both families spend time up north for a week each summer. You can also find Kirstyn & Isaac hanging out at home with friends, celebrating anything from birthdays to Packer games or out at a bar for a fun night out.

Their families have been extremely supportive and helpful throughout the wedding planning process. Kirstyn’s mom has listened to her talk through many decisions and then supported her changing her mind a thousand times, gone to appointments with her & went to Madison with her to find her wedding dress. Isaac’s two sisters are married, so his family had the experience to help with finding vendors, create a timeline, and contributed to the decor. Together, Kirstyn & Isaac have gone over all final wedding day decisions. Isaac’s biggest request is that Kirstyn shows up & there’s good chicken to eat!

“We would not have been able to plan the wedding without the help of our families.” Kirstyn & Isaac

Isaac & Kirstyn are always up for an adventure together. They work through the ups and downs of whatever comes their way, together. The engagement photo session was scheduled for a winter day, and it was cold! They didn’t mind at all. Their toes were numb and their noses were pink, but they continued to smile throughout the entire session! Their hound dog, Duke, made an appearance and had everyone laughing in the snow. Isaac loved having snow in the images, and Kirstyn felt more relaxed by the end of the session about having her photograph taken. Her favorite part of the engagement photo session was being pushed outside of her comfort zone.

Kirstyn & Isaac have a relationship built on support, encouragement, understanding, adventure and love. They are each other’s biggest fans. Together, they can’t wait to start a family of their own and get through life enjoying every moment as husband and wife.

The year 2020 arrived, marking the start of this couples final journey towards marriage. Unfortunately, 2020 also brought along a nationwide pandemic, known as COVID-19. It hit the United States in March and essentially shut down the world. Families were asked to remain home, businesses were completely shut down & schools were closed for the remainder of the school year. Planning a wedding took a completely different direction amidst the chaos of COVID-19. All of the fun activities leading up to the wedding day were just about to begin – the bridal shower & bachelor and bachelorette parties. Everything for the wedding was booked and invites were ready to be sent out. A new process began of cancelling celebratory plans and re-planning a new version of wedding day.

After some time, Isaac & Kirstyn became even closer through the struggles of reorganizing their wedding & found new excitement! Kirstyn & Isaac always had the motto, “The goal is to end the day married, so whatever happens it will be a good day no matter what.” They stuck to this motto and proceeded with getting married on May 30th, 2020. Originally the couple had Romy’s Nitingale booked for their reception; however, with new guidelines in place to keep everyone healthy they decided to relocate and downsize their reception to take place at Isaac’s parents house. A new timeline was created and the couple transformed their wedding day vision, but kept the goal the same: Get Married!

With a love story like Kirstyn & Isaac’s, it’s only fitting that they chose their five year anniversary date as their wedding date. Saturday, May 30th, 2020 was celebrated as a milestone and as a new beginning. The day was beautiful and sunny. KJ got ready at their home in Black Creek, WI. Her mother assisted her in getting her dress on before heading over to the church to do a reveal with Grandpa Hannon. Isaac spent his morning at his parents house helping set up and then took a short nap & enjoyed a beer before heading to the church. Isaac arrived at church just after Kirstyn, and was careful to remain around back so he wouldn’t see her before the ceremony. Kirstyn & her father were able to FaceTime Grandpa Brosteau for some wedding day well wishes!

“Wishing you the best sunshine day. We celebrate your love. We’re always wishing you special love, the kind that lasts forever. The kind you find spending your life together. – Grandpa Brosteau

As 1:30 pm approached, all guests were seated inside the church. Kirstyn & Isaac read each other’s letters and opened their gifts just before the ceremony began. Isaac was surprised with a fishing lure & Kirstyn received a new book with a custom note inside from Isaac. Isaac couldn’t wait to see KJ walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. KJ couldn’t wait to see Isaac dressed up & to finally get introduced as his wife afterwards.

“Of all the men available, you end up with this tall, handsome, hard working guy who likes to sneak off and go fishing. And of all the women you could end up with, you found this intelligent girl who likes to count numbers and make sure they add up right. Of all the women in Black Creek and the Fox Valley, you found Kirstyn. The readings you chose were very unique. Both from creation stories. He created man from his image to do what? To have dominion over the fish of the earth, the seas…you know about that, good fisherman you are…the birds in the sky. Not dominion over each other. Did you ever wonder, does that mean that men have one less rib than women? No, they have the same amount. But the ancient Hebrews put it in that way to teach a lesson of equality. They were created in God’s image, because when a man and woman go through life with each other’s arms around one another, their ribs touch. God blessed your relationship with love and it was meant to be. You should always look for signs of God’s blessing, together.” – Father Donald Zuleger

“I Kirstyn, take you Isaac, to be my husband. I promise to be faithful to you in good times and in bad.”

“I Isaac, take you Kirstyn, to be my wife. I promise to be faithful to you in good times and in bad.”

Despite wearing masks, it was evident that the family was smiling as Kirstyn & Isaac were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Guyette for the first time! Known as a COVID couple, these two danced their way out of the church as husband and wife. Sunshine & an array of friends were waiting outside to greet the couple with celebration! Father noted that this was the first time he’s had a wedding feature a tailgating section on their wedding day!

Family photos were taken & soon everyone was off to the reception at the Guyette home in Shiocton. Who knew a garage could be turned into such a beautiful place to celebrate a new marriage? Lights, flowers, candles, & decorations were on display to welcome everyone. Drinks and appetizers were enjoyed by all while KJ & Ike took some epic wedding portraits together.

The warmth, sunshine, breeze & laughs stuck around into the evening. Special dances were shared together & dinner was catered for all to help themselves.

KJ told Isaac she blacked out as she walked down the aisle and his response at the altar was, “You’re nuts!”

Kirstyn’s favorite parts of the wedding day were getting to talk to Isaac briefly during communion and riding together, as husband and wife, in their truck from church over to the reception. She remembers shouting, “Holy shit! We’re married!” It was a special & fun moment for both of them.

The remainder of the wedding night was filled with lots of dancing! Kirstyn remembers being surrounded by friends and cousins and having a “BLAST!” There was an unexpected scavenger hunt later on to find a lost friend, but with the help of everyone’s flashlights he was found taking a break in the ditch down the road! Wedding night wouldn’t be complete without some drinking games, so a table was set up for boom cup and flip cup. Kirstyn’s Dad seemed to be the champion of almost every game, despite claiming he’d never played before! Isaac lit up his Cuban cigar that he had been saving for a special occasion and enjoyed with friends and family. A lot of people had left by 1 am, but Kirstyn & Isaac continued to celebrate until nearly 3 am!

The first week after the wedding was filled with remarks like, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it…We are married!” Kirstyn felt like she was on an emotional high and Isaac couldn’t stop thinking, “I married my best friend.” After 2 years of planning and re-planning and thinking about this day forever, it had finally come and happened perfectly. Since the wedding, Kirstyn & Isaac have enjoyed spending time with family, extra bonfires and spending time on the water.

The next step for this couple is celebrating their honeymoon in June of 2021. Due to COVID-19, they’ve rescheduled their visit to Alaska until things reopen. They have plans to visit Denali National Park, Homer, go charter fishing, take a helicopter ride to the glaciers & visit Anchorage.