Kali & Nick – When a blind date leads to marriage


Kali Pazdera & Nicholas Hastings met on a blind date to junior prom. Yes, it sounds like a scene from a movie and truly this love story qualifies for a hollywood title. Nick was a confident freshman living in Algoma and Kali was an awkward junior in Kewaunee. Nick was new to the area and had just moved from Michigan. Through connections, Nick got Kali’s phone number and texted her, “Hi.” At first, Kali was skeptical, but for some reason when Nick said he didn’t have to know her and was “taking her to prom” anyways, she agreed.

“Old me must have been feeling brave that day. Or all sugared up from the smart cow I had that afternoon. There is absolutely no way I would have the guts now to let some boy from Michigan take me to prom.” – Kali

Clearly fate had a plan for these two from the first time they connected! Kali likes to reminisce back to prom night when they all met at her house to take photographs by Lake Michigan – still a favorite backdrop for their photos! Kali’s little sister made a welcome banner for Nick, but Kali paid her off in quarters to keep it hidden so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. They both felt the awkwardness of meeting for the first time. Kali thought, “Dang, he’s tall! And cute! Lucky me!” Nick also thought Kali was cute and that night he asked Kali to be his girlfriend and they’ve been writing their love story ever since.

“When our relationship began, we were like a plane taking off. Fast and exciting. You told me  you loved me three weeks into our relationship. I vividly remember thinking you were completely  insane. Or super confused. I couldn’t really tell. Weeks later I told my mom we were destined to  be together because we both drank sprite. And like… nobody just drinks sprite. I think she  thought I was nuts. In her defense, I was and am. I drink Pepsi nowadays but you get the idea.  You gave me a promise ring after one year of being together. I was excited. The people around  me probably thought we were crazy. We couldn’t help it that we were so young and in love.” – Kali

Nick works with a company that handles sewage and Kali teaches integrated 4K. Their favorite part of the work day is coming home and getting to catch up and relax together! Outside of work, Nick enjoys boxing, video games, and spending time with his friends watching scary movies or playing with cars. Kali enjoys crafting, making digital resources for other teachers, drinking wine with friends and shopping at Target. Together they enjoy spending time with family – whether it be at a local bar having drinks and dinner, or spending time with their pugs, Nugget and Herbie!

“And look at us now. We have a cute little starter home, jobs we enjoy, two fat and happy dogs,  and an absolutely beautiful, uniquely us, relationship. And to think that our lives could get better  by simply sticking by each other’s side is the most incredible thing to me.” – Kali

Since High School, Nick and Kali have been described as being attached at the hip. A goofy, laid back couple that likes to have fun together. They enjoy shopping together, taking their pugs on walks, going out with family, dinner dates and spending time together on the couch relaxing. Nick and Kali were engaged for 3 years and have been together for 7 years. Thinking back, Kali remembers how special and creative Nick’s proposal was to her. Family photos were scheduled with Nick’s family along Lake Michigan and they arrived a bit early to the location. Kali took a seat while they waited for his family. Nick was bouncing around with nerves trying to get Kali to stand up so he could propose. Kali found the bench comfortable and couldn’t understand what was happening, so Nick proposed to her anyways! Both of their families had been hiding behind the hedges and came running out to congratulate the couple after Kali exclaimed, “Yes!”

A 3 year engagement seems like plenty of time to plan a wedding; however, it was a crazy journey for these two! Kali enjoyed doing most of the planning on her own with the help of Nick tasting cupcakes and attending the wedding show in Green Bay to explore vendor options. Another milestone they enjoyed together was taking their engagement photos in Green Bay. The highlight moment was when Nugget broke away and took off across Pamperin Park! Although a moment of anxiousness, together Nick and Kali became more comfortable in front of the camera and enjoyed the memories made during that time.

Early in the year 2020, the world was hit by the pandemic known as COVID-19, or coronavirus. Families were asked to remain home, businesses were completely shut down & schools were closed for the remainder of the school year. Just as wedding planning seemed to be complete, the pandemic caused a lot of restructuring and changes for their wedding day. Their mothers were their biggest supporters in making things happen and arranging for a smaller, more intimate wedding day. For Nick & Kali, the pandemic provided extra time for them to spend together. They worked on house projects, slept in more, walked with the dogs whenever they could and slowed their pace of life. Before the pandemic, Kali was most excited about having a big wedding in a barn. As the plans changed, she became more excited and focused on the concept of finally being married and being able to start their lives together as husband and wife. Nick couldn’t wait for the food and cake! Together they were most excited to have their closest family there to celebrate their marriage.

October 10th, 2020 arrived and it was a windy and sunny day. Nick & Kali spent most of the morning preparing the pond for guests and the ceremony. Kali was very hands on in setting up and many people were joking that everyone was going to be ready for the ceremony except the bride! Kali finally snuck away back to her mother’s house to get ready about an hour before guests arrived. Nick got ready at his home with his Dad and was back at the pond ready to greet everyone. The ceremony was held right in front of the pond and the reception tent was decorated with plaid, burlap and rustic accents to bring the barn theme to their wedding day.

Prior to the ceremony, Nick and Kali had a private moment to see each other first. Nick was waiting for Kali and had no idea what she would be riding in for him to be able to see her. There were jokes it would be a truck, a gator or a bail wagon. He never expected a classic blue car! He thought it was pretty sweet. Nick felt nervous and Kali felt anxious but not nearly as much as she thought she would feel. Excitement took over and she simply couldn’t wait to finally become Nick’s wife. After their first look, Kali couldn’t believe she was suddenly standing next to Nick and about to marry her best friend. She vividly remembers thinking, “Oh my god, this is happening.” If Herbie wasn’t barking up a storm in an attempt to be by Nugget, she probably would have cried a lot more! Kali’s brother gave a beautiful ceremony and had everyone smiling and tearing up with feelings of love and excitement for the happy couple.

“You were my reason back then, my reason now, my reason every day. You strengthen my  weaknesses, bring focus to my dreams. Here and now I pledge my life to yours, that your  dreams become my dreams. No matter where life leads me, I know that as long as you are  there, that is where I am meant to be. I promise to persevere when times get tough, knowing that any challenges we might face, we  will conquer them together. I promise to respect, admire and appreciate you for who you are, as well as for the person you  wish to become.” – Nick

“I have never known someone who loves me so deeply and understands me like you. I can tell  you my anxieties and stresses without any fear of judgement from you. And you have a power  that I will never understand to ease those anxieties faster than anyone I have known before. I

know I’m a lot sometimes. But you handle it so well and I’m lucky to have someone as  compassionate as you. You’ve built a trust between us that I never knew I was capable of  having. You bring out the absolute best in me. I love you more than I could ever tell you and am excited to be with you for the rest of our lives,  hand in hand, every step of the way.” – Kali

Kali was nervous that guests would be cold, but she was relieved to see everyone smiling and having fun! The dance floor was full and drinks were being shared. Nick & Kali chose not to have any cocktails so they could remember everything clearly, but they’re not sure any of their guests will have as clear of memories! One moment that Nick will always cherish is when Kali’s uncles lit up a few sticks of dynamite in honor of her cousin Tanner. The look on Kali’s face was priceless! The reception consisted of a bonfire, celebratory conversations, beer pong, and lots and lots of dancing and drinking! Karaoke was encouraged and cowboy hats were passed out for everyone to wear. Nick & Kali also learned that an entire bottle of wine can fit into a can koozie! The night ended quickly for the newlyweds, and suddenly everyone was going home or to their campers. Papa said, “I don’t want it to end.” The generator was shut off and the lights went off. Nick & Kali brought her cousin Jesse and his girlfriend home with them because it was too cold for them to sleep in the truck bed like they had planned. Most of the night was cleaned up before everyone turned in for some much needed rest!

Nick and Kali are most excited about starting a family together. Working as teachers, Nick & Kali are aware of how unpredictable children can be and are excited to see the joys that await them with parenthood. Fur babies have been wonderful, but they’re ready for human babies! They’d like to move their family out of city living and into a house in the country some day, too.

“Now that we are a few days after our wedding, I am surprised but happy to say that nothing  has changed. In a strange way, it makes me feel amazing that we are still the same couple as  we were before the wedding. With the pandemic this year, there have been many challenging  days. But we grew so much. And we did it together. This pandemic is only temporary but the  growth we have had together will last a lifetime and continue to go further and stronger each  day. Plus we will have a cool story to tell when we are old and wrinkly. I promise to love you  always through any struggle that comes our way, and to celebrate with you during all the joys  that are sure to come for us. I love you Nicky.” – Kali

“I want you to remember that I will always love you no matter what. I know at times it will be  difficult to deal with me but just know that no matter what I will always have your best interest in  mind and the best intentions. Thank you for helping me with everything up until this point and  thank you in advance for helping me with everything to come in the future. I cannot wait to  spend the rest of my life with someone so caring and compassionate. You are the love of my  life.” – Nick